About The Nestor Tavern




The Nestor Tavern is Fargo North Dakota's Original Music home. With it's doors open to bands of all genres, The Nestor has hosted everyone from Stonewing(featuring Eric Wilson of Sublime,) Flaw,United Freiks of America, Saint Dog of the Kottonmouth Kings, The DRP, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Willie Waldman, Fat Maw Rooney, Izzy Dunfore, KJ Sawka, to the other side of the spectrum with Motograter,Weedeater, Joe Buck of Hank III's Band, The Murder Junkies, Michael Graves of The Misfits, Verona Grove, Kicking K8, 9MM Solution, Facecage, Rhino Bucket and countless more bands from all genres, and from all corners of the country. Quickly becoming the CBGB's of Fargo, ND, The Nestor has been around for over 40 years at this location, with a past filled with being in Penthouse Magazine in the 70's as one of the top 10 pick up joint's in America, to being one of the rowdiest bars in Fargo in the 90's and into the new millennium. 5 Years ago under new ownership the decision was made that things needed to change and the door was opened to turn the Nestor into something new. A Home for bands and artists who wanted to get "Their" songs heard. Forgoing the easy "Cover Band" scene, The Brand New Nasty has become a home for those who put their heart and soul into song and need a stage to step up on. After 4 years, The Brand New Nasty has become a venue to be reckoned with, going to all lengths to support the family of artists that take to our stage on any given night. The Nestor has become a home to those who want something different. No pretentious attitudes, Doors open to all who want their voice heard. The Nestor Tavern may not be the Ritz, but could you ever really be yourself at the Ritz? This is the Brand New Nasty,and you are all welcome to come be a part of our new home.